Event schedule

AWFB will be held over 3 event days

1st day

2nd day

3rd day

Numerous attractions

  • 8 African designer shows

  • 4 Brazilian designer shows

  • 50 B2B Meetings by Day

  • 10 Spaces for brand activations

  • 2 Workshop and lecture rooms (simultaneous)

  • 2.000 m² for exhibitions in stands and activations

  • 1 Food court, cowork, press room, VIP room, CAEX and dressing rooms

Present at the event

Hudson Glauber

Award-winning film and theater director for combining film and theater technologies in the production of show shows to promote a sensorial moment between the public and the presentations.

Hours of Operation:

10:00 am to 6:00 pm (every day of the event)

*Official schedule and schedule will be announced 30 days before the event